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Barcode Recognition

Pims CMS comes with functionality to read and recognize checklists based on a barcode at the bottom of the checklist. This barcode holds information about which type of checklist it is and also neccessary information to know where to put the checklist. (Example: Package number, ObjectID, MasterObjectID etc).

Using this application it is possible to scan your checklists, certificates & Punch Item Single Clearance sheets in a specific folder and set Pims to listen to this folder and process files at user defined intervals (default interval is 30 seconds between each check). The files are split up to single pages and uploaded to their respective tags in the database and actual dates updated for relevant Checklists (CertID’s) as well. If a checklist contains of several pages these will be merged before it's beeing uploaded. If some of the pages are not recognized these can easily be added on to an already recognized page by marking the rows that belongs together and right clicking the "Auto assign to complete page".

Example of start-up screen when opening Scanning module

Settings for scanning recognition

Scanner settings

DPI Settings
Recommended: 300 dpi
Minimum: 200 dpi
Supported File Formats

Settings that can be adjusted for the process (Recognition Setup tab)  

Recognition setup tab

Recognition folder
Pims will listen to this folder and process files which gets dumped into it.
Process interval
Sets interval (in seconds) how frequently should be checked Recognition folder when using Autoscan.
Default handling of existing Actual Date
If ‘Overwrite actual date if present’ is selected it will clear any existing date in the Actual field against each scanned Checklist and Certificate and update this with the new date (date of scanning). You can put in default actual date if it should be different from date of scanning. For Certificates (MCC, RFC, RFO, SAC) it's also possible to set separate Accepted date (in order to set accepted date you must set actual date)

Update Actual and Accepted Dates on SAC, RFCC, RFOC, MCC

With this option enabled you can update Actual and Accepted dates for Certificates: Mechanical Completion Certificate (MCC), Ready for Commissioning Certificate (RFCC), Ready for Operation Certificate (RFOC), System Acceptance Certificate (SAC) as well.

Scanning process log

In the log tab it is possible to see what’s currently being processed. Here all steps are logged and if you get any problems this is a good place to start looking. This is also very helpful when contacting support with problems during the recognition process.

Example of log window

Starting the process

It is possible to start both processes (Recognizing of files and Processing files to database) manually or having a timer which runs and executes both in correct order at given intervals. You can find the different options on the toolbar line as shown in the screenshot below.

Menu with scanning options

If you click “Manually Process” -> “Recognize Files” it will execute the first part of the process described in the section above. This will not transfer the files to Objects automatically. This can be used to check if the barcodes were actually recognized and preview them before clicking the 2nd option “Process Files to database (Objects)”.

By clicking the option “Start AutoScan” a timer will start running and these 2 steps will be executed at the interval specified in the settings tab. Default is 30sec.

Example of recognized certificates

In order to optimize for speed the images are converted to black & white. If the CertID and ObjectID or Package is found in the database a green check is marked on the very left side of the data grid. If one of the pages in the batch is unrecognized AutoScan will halt giving the user a message:

Unrecognized items have to be processed manually with a preview of the ITR at the bottom part of the screen. You need to enter relevant Cert ID and ObjectID (or Package number) as shown on image below. When this is done click the 2nd option “Process Files to database (Objects)” from “Manually Process” menu.

Manual processing of unrecognized certificates

If you have multipage Checklist (Certificate) one page of which is processed (i.e. recognized) select the rows that are not recognized plus the recognized row and you can auto populate the info to append to the recognized page by choosing 'Auto assign to completed page' command from right click menu.

Auto assigning from recognized page

If the image exists on your local disk for quick previewing it will also display a small magnifier icon next to it. Each split page can be separately opened by double clicking the hyperlink in the filename column.

There are many columns available in the main grid where detailed information can be shown. For example, if the barcode is read with a confidence of 51% or above it will be marked as green. In the example below, the barcodes are recognized with 100% accuracy.

Column customization


In order to get more columns with information in the grid simply right click the column header and select Column Choose, then the customization form is shown and you can drag and drop additional columns into your grid. Restore the layout by using the right click ‘Restore Layout’ option.

Processed documents

When the recognition is complete and the file has been attached to the correct tags and ITRs you can get a complete list by showing the Processed Files tab.

List of processed documents

Here it is possible to save the image which was uploaded to the database by clicking the diskette icon or if it is available directly preview it from local disk by clicking the magnifier icon. It is also possible to open the Package or ObjectID by double clicking the hyperlinks for each item.